How to improve online distribution and review management

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It is a must for hoteliers to put extra effort on managing both online distribution and guest reviews. While manually handling both can be a time consuming and prone to errors, adoption of right hospitality technology solutions can effectively and efficiently help hoteliers to automate and streamline both.

Online Distribution

Online distribution helps a hotel to boost its online visibility to reach out to a larger number of audience across geographies. This also helps a hotel to increases sales, room occupancy & profitability. Well-organized distribution of inventory and rates online can be achieved by –

  • Your hotel website
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Global Distribution Systems

Distribute efficiently

Online hotel distribution

Sell more rooms via your website

When you think about online distribution, you must focus on your brand website. This is one of the most cost-effective distribution channel that gives you increased direct bookings. Moreover, you can witness other benefits like lower customer acquisition cost and increased RevPAR, too.

Get more direct bookings

Smart web booking engine

Get connected to Online Travel Agencies

Success of your hotel’s online distribution strategy significantly depends on how well you are connected to Online Travel Agencies. It helps you increase your hotel’s online exposure and thus makes sure that your hotel is visible to a larger number of audience. OTAs play a significant role with around 2/3rd of all online hotel bookings coming via them. Moreover, Nearly, 52% of guests would visit your website after discovering your brand on OTAs and around 20% of customers book with you directly once they find your hotel on OTA sites (Source).

  • Since listing on OTAs does not involve any cost, don’t restrict yourself from connecting with just leading 2-3 OTAs
  • Adopt Hotelogix, a smart cloud-based PMS that comes with channel manager connect to ensure all your rates and inventories are getting updated on all the connected OTAs, real-time

Distribute evenly on OTAs

Hotel distribution strategy

Work with Global Distribution Systems

You need to leverage the power of online distribution and work with leading Global Distribution System (GDS) if you plan to reach out thousands of offline travel agents across the globe. Why? They put your inventory in front of a huge network of travel agents and travel management companies.

Get connected to top GDSs

Global distribution System for hotels

Review Management

The outcome of your online distribution strategy largely depends on your hotel’s online reputation. Because, travellers do look at guest written reviews posted across review sites while making online reservation. According to around 90% of travellers, guest reviews do influence their booking decision and even to help them select the right hotel. That’s why managing your hotel reputation on popular platform like TripAdvisor is the most effective way to increase your online ratings.

  • Adopt Hotelogix cloud PMS that comes integrated with online reputation management solution
  • Automate the process of sending feedback form to your guests after they checkout
  • Ensure automatic update of guest reviews on your hotel’s TripAdvisor page as well as on our PMS front desk
  • Collect guest feedback, analyse and understand guest sentiment
  • Manage reviews, boost your online ratings and reputation

Automate guest reviews

Online review management

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