Hotelogix helps House Khas group witness 30% growth in revenue & 20% growth in bookings via OTAs

Customer Success Story

House Khas group, India

Hotelogix helps House Khas group witness 30% growth in revenue & 20% growth in bookings via OTAs


"The most user-friendly Hotel Property Management System with excellent support whenever we need help." - Kishore Ahire, Managing Director at House Khas.

About House Khas:

With 8 properties spread across Maharashtra, House Khas is a hospitality group that provides budget accommodation to business travelers.
This well-known group of serviced apartments has been leveraging many benefits of Hotelogix cloud-based PMS for over a year now.

Scenario and Challenges:
  • Inability to effectively update inventory across multiple OTAs
  • Time management for the staff due to over dependence on manual tasks
  • Lack of remote access to PMS
  • Overbooking due to mismanaged inventory updates
House Khas group, Maharashtra
THouse Khas group, Maharashtra
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Hotelogix cloud-based Property Management System resolved all the challenges that the House Khas group had been facing. The PMS they had considered, prior to the implementation of Hotelogix, took over 5 months for implementation and they never went live with that PMS. Implementing Hotelogix was a lot smoother and quicker than what they had expected it to be. This, in itself, was quite a relief for the team.

  • Hotelogix easy-to-use PMS improved time management, allowing staff to focus on other aspects of their work
  • Automated and real-time inventory update across multiple OTAs
  • No more scope for overbooking as inventory was instantly updated across all OTAs
  • Anytime, anywhere access to PMS and all data relating to the hotel
  • Improved check-in process and time
The results:

Since the implementation of Hotelogix PMS, a little over a year ago, the House Khas group has witnessed the following changes:

  • 20% increase in bookings from OTAs
  • 30% increase in revenue
  • Improved staff efficiency and productivity
  • Better time management for all staff
  • Considerable drop in overbookings and double-bookings

"Hotelogix Property Management System is the most user-friendly PMS. It has helped us streamline many our operational processes; For example - inventory updates on OTAs- Since this is no longer done manually, our staff now has so much more time to perform other important tasks. I must mention that the support provided by the team is excellent. They are available 24/7 in case we need them. Hotelogix has also helped us achieve a significant spike in our revenue."   Kishore Ahire, Managing Director at House Khas group.

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