Hotelogix, Axisroom, And RepUp Enters Into Three-Way Merger, Set To Provide The First Of Its Kind Hospitality Solution

Hotelogix, Axisroom, And RepUp Enters Into Three-Way Merger

We are pleased to announce that Hotelogix a Cloud PMS company, Axisrooms a distribution company and RepUp a guest experience management company have entered into a three-way merger.

This is an incredible milestone for our business – a milestone very few companies ever reach. This merger will empower us to have the scale, breadth, and capabilities to compete more effectively and profitably in the global marketplace. We take pride in our hard work and dedication to our customers, which have enabled us to achieve this goal.

Before we outline the reason for the merger and all the offerings we are going to have, we would like to express our gratitude and welcome the founders/CEOs and all the employees of Axisrooms and RepUp to join this journey.

Together we will build a new enterprise that not only drives growth and innovation but also create new opportunities for employees, shareholders, customers, and the communities we serve.

Also, we would like to thank our investors for their constant support. You believed in us and we are really grateful to have you all amazing leaders backing us up in this journey.

And now, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the strong and capable staff members of Hotelogix for such fine workmanship and company loyalty. Because of your efforts, we are able to choose the best path forward and maintain the position we enjoy in the industry.

A Full-Stack Solution For Hotels Worldwide

From the very get-go, we have always had a clear goal to work towards — to empower hotels with the best management solution. And time and again, we have proved it and achieved records in nearly every operating metric. However, we also wanted to take that extra mile and address each and every aspect of a hotel’s operations.

Today, hotels use multiple systems across the guest lifecycle from pre-booking to post-checkout. And as a result, they have to deal with the integration of multiple systems leading to high cost, broken experience, delayed implementation, and fragmented support.

And this merger solves just that — a 360-degree hospitality solution, the first of its kind for hotels globally. This solution will not only deliver much better value but also a completely seamless experience to hotels all around the world.

The offerings include: Cloud-based PMS, Channel Manager, Automated Revenue Management, Booking Engine, Reputation Management, Marketing Automation, Guest facing Contactless solutions for Feedback, Check-in/Check-outs, and concierge services.

The Roadmap Ahead

The core objective of the merger is to offer a full-stack solution for hotels all around the globe. And this alliance with Axisrooms and RepUp also mean an aggregate customer base across 100+ countries and 10000+ hospitality businesses ranging from small independents to large global chains

With the ideal blend of all the three businesses and through innovative initiatives, we will continue to work hard in order to create immense value for our customers. We will be solidifying our offerings and provide an industry-leading hoteliering experience for customers.

In addition, we would also like to highlight that employees of all the three companies will benefit from being part of a company with a more competitive and stable financial foundation, which will create greater opportunities over the long term.

And lastly, on a personal note, we are proud of the company we have built together. This kind of event does not just happen — it takes a lot of hard work and only a few companies ever achieve this level of success.