The Ultimate Marketplace For Hoteliers is Here

Hotelier Marketplace for Boost Their Technology

If the hospitality industry were to pick one time in history that really helped it grow and evolve the most, it would have to be now. Hotel tech, today, is seeing such dramatic transformation and in such quick succession that it is almost unfathomable what the next decade or two will throw at us.

In this hyper-competitive age, hoteliers have a never-before kind of advantage, in that they have a plethora of tools, software and systems that can help accelerate their success. Property Management Software integrations, that address hoteliers’ every business pain point, promise of a future that is both exciting and extremely tech-driven.

It is in this spirit that we, at Hotelogix, decided to launch a comprehensive marketplace for hotels. An interface that includes every integration you would need as a hotelier to automate and streamline key operations, boost room sales and business to see the kind of revenue that you truly deserve.

Hotelier Marketplace for Boost Their Technology

Our marketplace is the one-stop shop for all your hotel technology needs.

The Hotelogix Marketplace lists 75+ integrations across hotel technology categories, including Channel Manager, Reputation Management Systems, Booking Engine, Revenue Management Systems, Accounting Systems, Loyalty Program, Point of Sale, Business Analytics, EPBX, Email and Key cards.

This first-of-its-kind platform by a PMS provider in the industry will connect hotels of all sizes, to the right technology solution of their choice. Hotelogix Marketplace not only allows you to choose from some of the best-in-class hotel technology integrations but also gives you a thorough rundown on each of them, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Channel Manager Integration

In today’s world of digital travel, most of the hotel bookings happen via OTAs. This makes it inevitable for hotels to work with them to get maximum bookings. But it is not an easy job when you work with multiple OTAs. Manual effort to feed OTAs with real-time rates and availability can lead to overbookings/double bookings. That’s the reason, Hotelogix has integrated its world-class cloud PMS with several leading channel management integrations like:

  1. Vertical Booking
  2. HotelRunner
  3. STAAH
  4. SiteMinder
  5. RezGain
  6. Maximojo
  7. AxisRooms
  8. Seekda
  9. Busy Rooms
  10. RezNext
  11. Omnibees

Reputation Management Integration

In the digital age, online reputation plays an immense role in defining the long-term success of hotel businesses. Your hotel’s reputation is the most important thing when it comes to attracting guests to your property. Automating the process of collecting and managing guest reviews is a reliable way to improve your brand’s online reputation and ratings. To help you improve your online reputation and to get more guest reviews, we currently integrate with:

  1. RepUp
  2. TripAdvisor Review Express

Direct Bookings/Booking Engine Integration

Driving direct bookings via hotel website matters a lot when it comes to saving on OTA commission and increasing profitability. Moreover, your direct guests are more loyal to your brand. To help you generate more direct bookings, the Hotelogix marketplace for hotels allows integrations with popular booking engines like:

  1. TripConnect
  2. Vertical Booking

Revenue Management Integration

Imagine having a tool that helps you set the right tariff for each of your hotel room categories based on market analysis and other factors that dictate the best price at a given point in time. Appealing right? Hotelogix Marketplace for hotels will help you with this, too. Here are some of our Revenue Management integration partners –

  1. BookingSuite
  2. Beonprice
  3. Buzzotel

Accounting System Integration

Accounting is one of the most important areas of hotel management. Efficient accounting management helps you with measurable information of financial nature. If this has been a challenge for your hotel, we have you covered. We offer integrations with some of the best accounting systems like:

  1. Tally
  2. Xero
  3. QuickBooks
  4. ALIF
  5. Infor SunSystems

Loyalty Program Integration

Loyalty programs do play a major role in your hotel business when it comes to long-term success. Repeat guests present a huge opportunity in not only improving your revenue but also with word-of-mouth marketing which is a very powerful tool in the hospitality space. This makes it crucial for hotels to try and nurture long-lasting associations with their guests and loyalty programs go a long way in making this happen. For this, we have integrated our PMS with:

  1. 1Loyalty

Point of Sale Integration

Integrating a Point of Sale solution with a hotel PMS helps hoteliers manage multiple POS outlets like in-house restaurants, spas, gyms, etc. through efficient automation. It also helps you with granular insights on your multiple POS outlets. And in this context, we are proud to be associated with industry leaders such as:

  1. POSist
  2. ShawMan

Analytics Integration

Data analytic capabilities is a ‘must have’ for hoteliers in today’s highly competitive hotel business. You need to have the right data to improve your business operations, guest service, marketing activities and much more. While the Hotelogix PMS in-built reporting tool offers 100+ reports, we also integrate with partners who offer visual business intelligence:

  1. SnapShot

In-room Devices Integration

In-room devices have emerged as the most important platform to offer top-class services to hotel guests. Be it digital door lock or in-room Wi-Fi, we can efficiently help you in this via our world-class integration partners –

  2. Telesoft

Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is a tried and trusted way to reach out to guests to engage with them across their journey with your hotel – from pre-arrival to post-departure. This helps you build good guest experience and promote your offerings. We have taken care of this aspect for you too through our integration partner:

  1. Mailchimp

With the Marketplace interface, hoteliers have the opportunity to find everything they need to successfully run their hotel, under one roof. This also resolves major issue that seems to have taken over the industry – lack of awareness. Our Marketplace gives you unbiased information, choice and the option to integrate with the leading platforms.
In our effort to expand our offerings to Hotelogix users and in order to help you with every technological requirement for your hotel operations, we will continue to add new integrated solutions to our Hotelogix Marketplace.

Hotelier Marketplace for Boost Their Technology