8 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for Hotel Owners

Customer Loyalty for hoteliers

Building customer loyalty in the hotel industry is one of the most important steps for a hotel’s success. Travelers in today’s times are spoilt for choice – the options are many and the competition is fierce for hotel owners. As you look out for new customers, it’s vital to retain your existing guests. If you can have a large percentage of guests who are loyal customers and repeat visitors, it acts as a firm revenue foundation. The result will be immensely profitable for every hotel owner.

Staying connected with existing customers requires you, as a hotel owner to have your strategy in place. Building customer loyalty is directly related to customer satisfaction. You need to turn innovative and also know what clicks with your existing customers to accelerate your growth. There are many customer loyalty strategies you can use to turn new customers into repeat guests and retain your current list of guests as well.

Let’s understand how to increase customer loyalty with these tips.

Make the Right First Impressions

There’s a reason why ‘First Impressions Always Last’. Have a new guest at your hotel property? Communicate to convert them into a loyalty card member. Offer a value to the loyalty program, something that is of use to the guest visiting your hotel. Keep track of your guests’ preferences and requirements. The check-in process sets the tone for your hotel, so make it a smooth process for new guests. Your hotel’s staff must go the extra mile to find out what guests want, must offer an impeccable service and communicate online (even post the check-out process) for an enhanced customer loyalty management.

Add the Personal Touch

This is the age of using data right, and storing guest information in your hotel management software will help you provide a personalized service to new and existing guests. For e.g.: Knowing about a guest’s most-preferred suite at the time of booking is the kind of personal touch guests look out for. Use the latest technologies to store and use guest information. This will help you find innovative ways to encourage guests to book your hotel property for the next visit.

Offer Incentives

Build up on great incentives to make new guests turn into loyal visitors. Think beyond complimentary breakfast – what is it that will be of importance for the guest? A family on a leisure trip can be offered a complimentary trip to nearby local attractions. A business traveler may prefer flexible check-in timings. You can even announce offers on direct bookings for new guests so that they have an incentive to book your hotel property on the next trip.

Create Useful Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel loyalty cards are an important part of customer loyalty programs. A report by Deloitte mentions 18% of guests become active loyalty card members based on the benefits it offers. Find out what customers want and reward repeat visits accordingly. New guests to your hotel must know the long-term value of the loyalty program. Once you succeed with the sign-up of a new customer for your loyalty program, let this act as your firm foundation to build upon the trust for long-term customer loyalty initiatives with your guests.

Prioritize Guest Experience

The guest experience begins even before the check-in process. Maintain your strategies and update your hotel staff to prioritize guest experience above everything else. Connect with your guests online once the booking is in place. Send out relevant messages through emails – mention about local events, popular hangouts, and details that will be of interest to your guest. Ask questions during their stay. “Is your room comfortable? Do you require assistance?” Questions such as these will establish trust. Guests will know your brand cares to see if guests are genuinely comfortable. Connect with each guest personally to address their requirements.

Use Technology to your Advantage

Technology can offer many strategies for hoteliers. Right from offering a smooth booking process online to including innovative ways to engage guests will create a favorable impression of your hotel brand. Self check-in, keyless entries, mobile apps that allow guests to put forth their requests, energy-saving devices, and more will project your brand as a sophisticated hotel property – one that is attentive to what a guest wants and is in step with the latest technologies for the hotel industry.

Exceed Customer’s Expectations

Every guest has a different set of expectations. Your focus should be on exceeding expectations. Does a guest have a specific request not mentioned in your hotel amenities? You can either refuse politely or reply positively to attempt to fulfill the request after a discussion with your team. Is there an irate guest at your hotel property? Ensure your hotel manager stays in constant touch till the matter is resolved. A simple follow-up email post a guest’s stay that thanks them for their visit with exciting offers can also create a good level of engagement. A guest’s stay should be memorable and hoteliers need to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

Seek Immediate Feedback

Why do negative reviews appear online? Guests who are displeased with their stay may not always be vocal at the time of the stay. Seek continuous feedback. Do not wait for a customer to have an issue or make a complaint. Is your guest happy with the room service? Is the menu tailored according to his/her needs? Find information, ask the right questions and stay connected.

Technology plays an important role to the enhance guest experience. Yet, it is vital to maintain a personal connect to turn first-time visitors into repeat guests. If you’ve found these strategies to increase customer loyalty helpful, do share the blog or leave a comment below.

Kashmira Lad

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