Hotelogix Drives Up Bookings By 20% For Superpro Samui

Hotelogix Drives Up Bookings By 20% For Superpro Samui

When it came to optimizing property management, Robbie Timmers could only choose Hotelogix for his property. He went through a number of management systems, but Hotelogix’s positive feedback from existing users and the availability of a local agent made it an easy decision.

After deciding that they would keep the old system for a few months to take the transition in steps, the staff were so comfortable with the new system that they made the complete switch in two days!



Choosing the right hotel management system is no small feat, especially given the sheer number of systems out there today – read more about Timmers’ experience here.

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Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to increase their online presence and improve online reputation to generate more bookings. Over the past decade, Hotelogix has been successful in helping hotels across 100+ countries. You can follow Hotelogix on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or drop in a mail to

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