Does your Hotel have Enough Reviews to get you Views?

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More than 90% of travelers book a hotel based on positive reviews as they trust advice of co-travelers instead advertisements

More than 90% of travelers won’t book a hotel that has negative reviews’

 ‘44% of online reviews play a big role in influencing whether or not to book the accommodation

Online reviews can increase hotel bookings up to a quarter


Guest reviews are definitely gaining momentum and online review sites such as TripAdvisor play a big role in driving trust and credibility for an independent hotel. An independent hotel with limited budgets and resources would earlier not get as much online exposure as a branded chain. But, reviews have acted as game changers for small independents as they give them a chance to get equal exposure as brands.

More and more travelers are now relying on reviews before making a booking. The below infographic showcases how reviews are playing a dominant role in influencing travelers and impacting the hotelier’s business.


TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index algorithm works on the quantity, quality and recency of reviews. Thanks to technology, independent hotels now have a lot of scope to work on these three factors and compete with the brands.

Hotels can maximize reviews using automated review collection tools that can help them collect up to 30% more reviews. Independent hotels need to view technology as a strategic way to drive business rather than just a tool. For example – by automating review collection, an independent hotel can free up its staff time that can be utilized to improve guest satisfaction, which in turn can lead to more positive reviews that can again drive bookings.

Generating more reviews, higher quality reviews and fresh reviews should be an integral part of a hotelier’s strategy as an independent hotel can no longer afford to ignore the power of reviews.

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