5 Marketing Tips to Increase Hotel Occupancy during Halloween

Halloween celebration in hotelsHalloween is around the corner and the recent market study shows that the festival is in demand as it offers multiple business opportunities to the hospitality industry to rake in revenues.

Wondering how?

First of all, Halloween is no longer an American celebration; it has spread worldwide with people celebrating it in full glory. It’s not just for kids but also for adults who consider this occasion as a chance to dress up, celebrate, party and dine with friends and family.

 According to a research, it is seen that, “US citizens spent approximately $8 billion on Halloween, almost 10% more than the average expense per person in 2011, and surprisingly almost 30% more than they spent before the recession in 2007.” (source: blog.apps-builder)

 Therefore, this acts as a powerful marketing strategy for hotels, especial the SMB hospitality sector to attract people to their hotel.

Hotelogix shares 5 marketing ideas to generate revenues during the Halloween season:

Tie-up with local events
Look out for local Halloween events, haunted performances or pumpkin exhibits near your hotel. Buy bulk tickets at discounted rates and give it to your guests as complimentary or at a lesser price. This will work as a powerful marketing strategy for your hotel. You can also tie up with the event organizers and conduct an event in your hotel.
Seasonal delicacies
This is one of the easiest ways to impress guests who are already staying at your hotel during Halloween. Arrange for some special delicacies and seasonal recipes that are prepared during Halloween. Famous delicacies like- pumpkin soup, apple cider beef stew, pumpkin pies, carrot cakes, pumpkin seeds and cookies will impress your guests.
Halloween performances
Host Halloween performances in your hotel as not every hotel is fortunate/unfortunate to have a ghost tale attached that will garner curiosity in guests and get them to your hotel during Halloween. You can arrange for ghost hunting games in your hotel or come out with Halloween weekend packages. Plan mystery weekend at your hotel where guests can be offered accommodation for two nights with special Halloween dinner party.
Throw a costume party
If you want your hotel to hit the maximum occupancy limit then there is nothing better than throwing a Halloween costume party which will be very helpful as it will attract a lot of guests to your hotel. You can also team up with local bars/ pubs to host the party. You can offer pre-carved pumpkins, battery operated candles, pumpkin knives and other fun elements that are famous during this season. You can gift a spooky themed spa treat for the best dressed guests.
Halloween Mobile App
Utilize the power of mobile to market your hotel and promotions. Mobile acts as a powerful device to communicate with guests in real-time and keep them updated about the events and packages. Get a mobile app designed for the Halloween season and promote your offers whether it is a costume party, event or Halloween dinner.

Hotelogix wishes you a Happy Halloween Day

Manisha Pathak

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