Hotelogix x Dresshead Stretchy Sweater – Shawl Collar

When it is really cold outside, you need a sweater like this Dresshead x Hotelogix Stretchy Sweater – Shawl Collar to provide you with all the warmth you’re looking for. Have fun choosing one of the four different colors available in this incredible sweater. The fine knitting is perfect to make a medium weight sweater feel like a heavy weight sweater. Horizontal ribbing throughout the sweater traps in even more heat while adding character to the garment. You can keep your neck warm thanks to the messy loose fitting turtleneck. The base of the sweater features a double hemline along with an even finer knit pattern for elastic quality. The long sleeves have cuffs that are the exact same knitting design. Enjoy wearing this Hotelogix x Dresshead Stretchy Sweater – Shawl Collar whenever it is cold outside and you want to maximize the amount of heat you can enjoy.