Play in the Big Leagues

Small and Mid Size Hotels Play in Big Leagues with Cloud Software

Every hotelier aims to hit it out of the park when it comes to guest satisfaction. Satisfied customers who spread the word of freshly pressed sheets, immaculate rooms and a streamlined check-in service allow hotels to climb the ranks of notable establishments. But unfortunately the playing field is not level. Large hotel chains have an advantage of seemingly bottomless revenue and a large staff, while smaller businesses struggle to stay above the bottom line. Although they work extremely hard, limited resources often hold small hotel owners back from reaching their full potential.

Play in the Big Leagues

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Small properties can now maximize their resources by reducing the amount of time spent on book keeping and keep their head in the game by focusing on quality service. Hoteliers can boost their efficiency by using a Web-based hotel management system. Using a property management system will enable hoteliers to increase revenue, integrate all branches of the property, and manage room turnover. Imagine the extra time your staff would have if they did not have to manually input online bookings or process payments. Online hotel management software systems ensure that updates are seamlessly communicated across the entire system. To maximize your bookings in real time, you can now seamlessly manage cancellations, Facebook updates, room releases, and manage allotments for different sources like web booking engine, Online Travel Agencies, and Global Distribution Services.

With the help of a property management system, you can optimize your resources which will lead to a happier staff and more satisfied customer. Front desk staff will be able to efficiently check guests in to rooms and focus on quality service rather than bookkeeping. Hotels that opt for a cloud-based system over a local system also save on hardware and IT costs. There are no servers, network cables or backup drives to purchase and maintain and no technical skills to learn in order to operate the system. With just a computer and an Internet connection, a cloud system will allow you to instantly access and update data from anywhere in the world.

A smaller scale business doesn’t have to mean a lesser product. Once you streamline the process and maximize your efficiency, you will be ready to play in the big leagues alongside the large hotel chains.