Budget City Hotels – How They Can Achieve Quick ROI with Minimum IT Expertise

Hotelogix empowers budget hotels and helps them achieve quick ROI without IT expertise.
Minimum IT Expertise
It is normally not feasible for a budget hotel to appoint computer experts (which is all the more necessary in case of on-site property management systems) to ensure smooth functioning of hotel operations. In case of Hotelogix, the users require minimum IT expertise. The interface is very user friendly, reliable, quick and therefore provides great freedom to hotel owners. Following are few more reasons why Hotelogix is extremely easy to use:
–          Visual representation of occupancy and booking status available at all times
–          Important features and menu buttons are all available upfront, thereby optimizing the workflow
–          Best of its kind GUI (graphical user interface) extending its reach to global room sales and distributions
–          User defined display of transaction details in order to facilitate improved control and customization
–          An appealing graphical display featuring direct updates without making the user sift through different menu items or type too much
Quick ROI
As mentioned earlier, as a budget hotel, it is extremely important that you keep your expenditure as low as possible and invest in solutions that although may cost less, accrue comparatively larger benefits. Within a matter of few months after installing Hotelogix, you’ll begin witnessing excellent returns due to:
–          Reduction in losses from inadvertent transaction errors
–          More control over advertising, marketing and sales initiatives due to readily available information at all times
–          Better transparency in terms of accounting and pricing
–          Regularly updated status availability leading to improved price realizations

–          Immediate savings resulting from reduction in manpower and operational costs


Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to increase their online presence and improve online reputation to generate more bookings. Over the past decade, Hotelogix has been successful in helping hotels across 100+ countries. You can follow Hotelogix on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or drop in a mail to sales@hotelogix.com

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