Become a Hotelogix Reseller and Tap into the Vast Potential in the Hospitality Market

Hotelogix is a cloud technology based hotel management software targeted at meeting the growing needs and challenges of mid and small size hospitality businesses. The small and mid size hospitality market has so far been unable to utilize the benefits provided by integrated platforms owing to several entry barriers. These include steep learning curves, IT infrastructure investment, capital costs involved and in some cases, incomplete solutions. Making use of cloud technology and SaaS as a delivery model, Hotelogix provides a comprehensive property management solution which does away with all the above mentioned entry barriers. Furthermore, the system is scalable, flexible, logical and well secured.


Owing to its various advantages over the traditional client server systems, quick return on investment and tremendous business value for its customers, Hotelogix possesses an extremely high sales appeal in the small and mid size hospitality market. The software is rapidly gaining wide popularity among the hoteliers based in United States, Far East, India, Europe, Africa, South America and Gulf nations.


By becoming a reseller of this highly successful property management system, you can expect special service benefits, extensive support cum training and recurring revenue commissions that are comparable with the best in the industry. Furthermore, HMS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., the creators of Hotelogix invest heavily in SMO, focused marketing and various SEO initiatives, thus generating a large number of qualified leads from all parts of the world. If you become a reseller in a particular region, all leads pertaining to your region will automatically be passed on to you, thereby providing you with excellent opportunities to increase your revenue.


So get associated with Hotelogix now and tap on to the vast potential in the hospitality market in your region.


Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to increase their online presence and improve online reputation to generate more bookings. Over the past decade, Hotelogix has been successful in helping hotels across 100+ countries. You can follow Hotelogix on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or drop in a mail to

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