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Hotelogix Overview

hotel management system demo

Today, every individual hotel or chain of hotels, need a enterprise system, the need is because of changing guest perceptions and change in technology, today everything is extremely accessible to a guest because of Internet and cloud based technologies, which offer Anytime and Anwhere access to guests, So hotels need to make their presence felt on every channel and network with latest prices, inventories and of course not to mention a list of services that they offer.


property management software demo

Hotelogix Frontdesk is a no-compromise, Enterprise Level management solution that offers a long list of powerful features to streamline your work and enhance productivity. Such a system would usually bringforth an impression of a Complex application that could take days to understand and months to master. A long & taxing training may appear inevitable, and so would the efforts to retain the operational staff that is trained.

But this is only until you have watched it in action!!!Hotelogix offers Frontdesk with its revolutionary design and Graphical Interface that dramatically cuts costs and simplifies the tasks of managing your Frontdesk.

Enjoy the power of an Enterprise PMS that lets you works with uncanny simplicity.


hotel management software demo video

Creating a Single or a Group reservation on Hotelogix Frontdesk is as simple as drawing it on its Reservation Chart Interface. One can use the Quick Reservation form to do this instantly, or choose to enter details in the the appropriate Reservation Forms, and manage its components with complete cotrol. Features like applying multiple room rates, booking on different date ranges for different room types, or accommodating special requests of a Group etc. are all easy to add and update on a simple principle of "click to change"


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This is where the front desk is linked to your housekeeping staff. All communication " regarding rooms that need to be cleaned, inspected and/or repaired "flows through here.

Hotelogix seamlessly integrates the Hotel Frontdesk with Housekeeping tasks and keeps them simple. The Housekeeping module lets you organize rooms quickly, and lets you manage the job of assigning work to your Housekeeping team and monitor them with minimal fuss.

Web Booking Engine

property management system demo video

Hotelogix Web Reservation System integrates seamlessly to your hotel website and helps you increase direct booking revenues instantly. It is an extensively featured web booking engine that allows both single and group reservations with immediate confirmations. The Hotelogix web booking page can be customized match your website design extensively.

Guests can book Multiple rooms for multiple dates in one go, and can also book or buy add-on services offered by your Property in advance. These bookings get confirmed instantly through credit card guarantees or deposits that are processed directly through the secured web booking page.

The Hotelogix web booking process has been specially engineered to let you offer the maximum to attract your online bookers. The booking process has been kept uniquely simple for your prospective guests, to increase conversions by letting them complete their bookings in well defined, easy to follow steps, quickly.

In the Web Reservation Form, you can set your terms for Booking & Cancellations. These include:

Booking Policy Options

  • Credit card Guarantee Required with or without Deposit
  • Deposit required " either as a percentage of total booking amt, or fixed amount, or as per Hotels standard booking policies.
  • No Deposit or Credit Card required " An unlikely option, but it is there.

These web booking options are extremely flexible and easily customizable to your specific needs. They may be specified differently for each Rate/Package type, or kept the same for all as per your Hotel booking / cancellation policies. So if there are two different room packages selected for booking, one requiring a Credit Card (CC) Guarantee, and the other requiring a certain deposit, the customer will provide both to confirm the booking.

Once the booking gets confirmed, the booker gets confirmation email with login details that let him update his details, request a change in dates subject to availability, or make a cancellation (automatic cancellation charges apply as per your set cancellation policies).

This ensures that no matter how simple or complex your booking policies are, you can rest assured that Hotelogix web booking engine will surely meet them, and let you conduct your bookings just the way that suits you best.

Point-of-sale (POS) system

hotel reservation system demo video

Hotelogix lets you manage a wide variety of services at your property through its integrated 'Point of Sale' terminals. This includes Restaurants, Mini bar, Spa, or even services like the Travel Desk, City Tours and much more. All orders and services of a POS can be sold directly to the Guests, or transferred to their room as "Room Service" (to the checked-in rooms only). Hotelogix further lets you offer the POS merchandise & services with the rooms tariffs as rate inclusions.

This is done with amazing simplicity and with easy-to-define posting rhythm and calculation rules through our innovative Rates & Package Manager. This powerful feature gives an edge to your Business by letting you promote your property through a wide array of inclusive rates and packages on various distribution mediums.


hotel booking software demo video

Perhaps the most important part of an organization"s operations is its reports. Reports are what let you judge your current performance, what it lacks and how you can improvise your services in the future. Towards this end you can generate and view n number of reports via this module. Access is granted strictly by clearance. All interfaces are interactive and easily navigated to & fro with a single click.


hotel property management system demo video

On this module you can effortlessly set-up hotel functions and introduce any customization that you may need. This affords you maximum maneuverability in case of changes you might want to introduce at various times. This maneuverability in turn lets you individualize your services according to customer preferences.