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Distribution System

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Monthly Plan
$ 2.99
Per Room Per Month
Minimum Billing $50
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You Pay
(All prices in USD)
$ 2.99
Per room/per month
Website Booking Engine Yes
Payment Gateway Yes
Channel Manager Connect
GDS Connect Yes
Facebook Booking Engine Yes
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You can either buy the Channel Manager from us or directly from the respective brands. To buy it from us, have a look at the pricing table and contact sales@hotelogix.com
Channel Manager Price
HotelRunner $0
Busy Rooms Available on Request
Vertical Booking View Pricing
SiteMinder View Pricing

We offer the following add-on services. To subscribe, please email sales@hotelogix.com
Services Per Month Cost Minimum Billing
TripConnect $0.50 $20

Sell MORE rooms online without complications.

Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering
I already use SiteMinder/Vertical Booking as my Channel Manager. How do I proceed?

The subscription from your existing provider will continue as is. Our plan includes Channel Manager integration to connect your existing Channel Manager (SiteMinder/Vertical Booking) to the system. You can proceed by signing up.

What if I want to switch from Vertical Booking to SiteMinder in the future?

You are free to make such changes anytime. Contact your Account Manager to help you with the transition. The new pricing will reflect from your next billing cycle.

Can I purchase any of the modules separately, like Facebook Booking Engine?

The Distribution System cannot be further broken down into any independent service that comes packaged with it. These independent services can only be taken as add-ons to the PMS .

Are there any contractual obligations?

The plan is month-on-month subscription based, so there is no lock-in period. Please take time to go through our terms of service and privacy policy.

Why is there a difference in pricing between SiteMinder and Vertical Booking?

Hotelogix offers you the pricing that is extended by the respective brand itself (SiteMinder and Vertical Booking) and we have no role in deciding this pricing.

If I change my room inventory in the future, what do I need to do?

The pricing of Hotelogix Distribution System will change based on the change in the number of rooms. However, work with your Account Manager to help make necessary adjustments in the Channel Manager pricing accordingly.

My payment gateway is not on the existing list. Is there an additional cost for adding it?

Yes, there is an additional cost to add a new payment gateway that is not on the list. Please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Why do I need to pay Hotelogix for TripConnect? Doesn’t it work on a CPC model?

Hotelogix charges you for the interface it provides to integrate its Website Booking Engine with TripAdvisor. Your relationship with TripConnect remains independent.