Hotel Management System Interfaces


Enjoy 2-way connectivity to services

Hotel Xero Accounting System

Simplified accounting
Manage all payments
Auto sync to Xero account

Xero Accounting System

Say hello to easy accounting as Hotelogix lets you integrate to Xero accounting system seamlessly. All payments and payables from different sources of revenues like room booking, restaurant, and travel desk are easily managed in Hotelogix and synced up with your accounting system. Manage travel agent and corporate bookings, invoices and payables, ageing reports, commissions, deductions and more with absolute ease. Learn more

When would the invoices reflect in my Xero account?

Once your invoices get settled in the Hotelogix system, they will show in your accounts after the next Night Audit and will automatically be synced with your Xero system. You can then easily see the invoices in your Xero account.

Build your online presence
Boost direct bookings
Get an optimized website

Booking Suite Integration Interface

Enjoy more direct bookings through the integrated booking engine and improved revenue management, along with intuitive content management and a host of other features with BookingSuite. You also get a free website optimized for all devices, without any upfront payments!

How many pages do I get on my WebDirect website?

WebDirect includes an illimited number of pages. The Reviews page is populated with guest reviews from your listing. You have the option to turn off the Reviews page if you don’t want it to appear on your WebDirect website.

Payment Gateways

Connect payment gateways
Get paid online
Handle refunds/chargebacks

Payment Gateway

Hotelogix supports all the capabilities that any payment gateway possesses – be it booking only from your hotel’s website or also from the front desk and point of sale. The system is compatible with all popular payment gateways giving you the flexibility to work with vendors of your choice.

Will Hotelogix support a payment gateway which is not in your list of supported gateways?

If the payment gateway of your choice is not a part of our list, it should not be a problem. Our team will quickly check if the specifications of the new gateway are compliant and will get back to you on the feasibility of the integration.

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Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Printer

Efficient order taking
Add different restaurants
Connect multiple printers

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Printer

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) enables the F&B staff to directly place orders and give the print command on the system, which instantly generates a printed ticket in the respective kitchens for the items to be prepared. Add different kitchen service areas or restaurants in your property e.g. Mexican or Italian and link the printers in each kitchen to the system.

Read what our customers are talking!

“Overall, I think Hotelogix has some excellent features supporting our needs now and more importantly in the future. Although we are only a small country house hotel (18 rooms, function rooms, restaurant) we have some special practices which this system can accommodate.”

Cloud Based Hotel System Software Interfaces

Gerard Wilkinson, Owner at The Brynafon Country House Hotel, Wales

Online property management system Interfaces
EPABX Integration;

Call accounting system
Smooth integration
Register room call charges

EPABX Integration

An efficient communication system reflects the professional competence of a hotel. Using the EPABX integration, charges of the calls made by the guests from your hotel room can be easily posted to the room. You can add multiple calling lines that your hotel may have.

What all EPABXs does Hotelogix support?

Hotelogix can integrate with all EPABX machines. Our customers are popularly using Alcatel, Siemens, Panasonic and Cisco.

Stay connected with guests
Send automated emails
Customize the templates

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Reach out to your guests during multiple stages of booking and stay to keep them engaged, using MailChimp with Hotelogix. Whether it is to confirm bookings, a ‘hello’ email pre-arrival or a ‘keep in touch’ email post-departure, we help you do it easily. You can build multiple guest lists and send targeted email campaigns to market your promotions. We simplify how you manage end-to-end guest communication.

Read what our customers are talking

“With the Hotelogix integration to MailChimp, I can now “pull” guests’ profiles, and send mailshots that are more appropriate, so reducing the chance of these mailshots getting classed as spam.”

Cloud Based Hotel System Software Interfaces

Ian Jackson, General Manager, Southcliff Hotel, Kent

Online property management system Interfaces

Enjoy TripAdvisor services
Drive more bookings
Encourage guest reviews

TripAdvisor Services

As a premium connectivity partner of TripAdvisor, Hotelogix makes it really easy for you to leverage all TripAdvisor services like TripConnect Cost-Per-Click Campaigns, TripConnect Instant Booking and Review Express with Private Surveys. Learn more

Read what our customers are talking!

“The combination of Hotelogix PMS and TripConnect is a powerful tool to increase our hotel bookings. Hotelogix PMS automatically updates all channels with rates and availabilities and the FrontDesk gets updated with bookings in real time. It has increased our bookings by 20% in less than a month”

Cloud Based Hotel System Software Interfaces

Ms. Lelibeth Duran, Operations Manager, Hotel Imperial, Haiti

Online property management system Interfaces
Put your accounting worries to rest
software for hotel front office operations

One of the most crucial integrations is accounting that simplifies day-to-day billing and transactional worries...

Offering guests a secure payment gateway
system that use in front desk

Hotels should ensure that they provide the assurance to guests that their credit card details are not being misused...

Hotels with restaurants can simplify operations
systems used in the hotel of the front office

One of the biggest challenges for hotel restaurants is managing discounts and packages at the restaurant...

How to send automated guest emails?

Communicating with guests is the first step towards creating a memorable guest experience...