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  • Dec, 2015

    You Can Still Enjoy a Free Forever Channel Manager with our Holiday Offer
    Are you still searching for a way to better organize your reservations and maximize your revenues? Our partnership with HotelRunner is the answer your property is looking for. With it,...
  • Nov, 2015

    A Powerful Combination: Hotelogix and HotelRunner
    Looking for a way to maximize revenues from OTAs and manage operations better for your hotel? Our recent partnership with HotelRunner – a channel management and online sales platform will help your property:...
  • Sep, 2015

    Missed our webinar?
    Hotelogix and TripAdvisor co-hosted a webinar that focused on: The importance of reviews to attract guests Free automated review collection tools How an independent property increased reviews by 300%...
  • Aug, 2015

    Does your hotel have enough reviews to get you views?
    With 200,000 visits every month and more than 250 million reviews from travelers around the world, TripAdvisor has become the most trusted site for reviews. Travelers are more likely to visit TripAdvisor than any other review media sites. ...
  • Jul, 2015

    Importance of Social Media and Online Reviews
    The traveler is usually influenced by word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews to make a booking. Find out how your hotel can make the most of them. ...
  • Jun, 2015

    What’s new in Hotelogix?
    Boost your direct bookings with TripConnect Instant Booking feature and provide your travellers an opportunity to book directly on TripAdvisor, without leaving the site. Hotelogix is now a premium partner of TripConnect. ...
  • May, 2015

    Avail 6 months free services by Hotelogix
    Hotelogix now offers 6 months free TripConnect Instant Booking and Review Express with our Premium and Enterprise plans. ...
  • Apr, 2015

    Social media tips for independent hotels
    It has become imperative for an independent hotel to be active on social media to engage with the new generation of travelers and boost business. Hotelogix launches an e-book sharing actionable and easy tips for your small hotel. ...
  • Mar, 2015

    Confused about which PMS to invest in?
    Hotels often find it confusing to select the right PMS solution for their property. A lower end PMS can’t fulfill the basic needs and a high end PMS comes with a lot of features that might not be of much use to you....
  • Feb, 2015

    Hotelogix Freemium – Use it for free and see the value
    Hotelogix has taken a bold step forward with its Freemium Pricing Model of the hotel management system. For the small hoteliers, this free forever model is a boon as it gives them the technology to be on a level playing field with the bigger brands....
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