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  • Dec, 2014

    Christmas Special Offer
    This Christmas, Hotelogix gives you a bundle of direct booking tools with its Cloud PMS to improve your revenues in 2015! ...
  • Nov, 2014

    Hotelogix Freemium Cloud PMS
    Independent hotels and small to medium-sized group properties can now enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based property-management system from Hotelogix at no cost ...
  • Oct, 2014

    Learn Simple Ways to Enhance Guest Experience
    Guest experience with your hotel starts as soon as the guests get associated with your hotel, whether it is through a website/ referral or advertisement. As a hotelier, it is important to ensure that your guests are treated with utmost care and are given favorable treatment by the staff....
  • Sep, 2014

    Know the Art & Science of Selling More Rooms
    To increase revenues, hoteliers should understand how to use the most productive channel for selling hotel rooms. This e-book will provide you an insight on how to overcome the challenges that most small and mid-sized hotels face when selling rooms. This guide will help you implement the right strategies in order to expand your presence in the market. ...
  • Aug, 2014

    How to Drive Engagement & Convert Fans into Guests?
    Facebook is the new big thing in the hospitality industry and hoteliers are making every effort to win guests from their Facebook page. Does your hotel also want to be a part of this changing trend? ...
  • Jul, 2014

    Small & Mid-Sized Hoteliers can Improve Operations with Cloud PMS
    Managing your hotel’s day-to-day operations can be a daunting task. Do you often wish there was some help in hand?...
  • Jun, 2014

    Mid-Year Mega Savings
    Enjoy business-enhancing services worth $250 for free when you sign up for Hotelogix!...
  • May, 2014

    Big Data Strategy for Hotels
    The application of Big Data in travel and hospitality is a rich field of opportunity and there are numerous apps and big data experts in the market with products on offer. Hotels can make use of Big Data in its various departments to turn online visits, interests and calls into customers and later customers into loyal patrons...
  • Apr, 2014

    Working on Your Hotel Customer’s Satisfaction is Prime Priority!
    In every progressive industry, customer satisfaction is calculated along every step of the way. From the moment a guest books a room all the way through check-out, the business managers keenly evaluate how their requests are handled and how the property is presented to them...
  • Mar, 2014

    Green Technology – The color of money for hoteliers in 2014
    With the call for green getting stronger in the hotel industry, it is time to rethink and make responsible choices. By reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint, you can not only go pro-environment but also cut down on your operational costs. Eminent speaker, Naomi L. Stark, Current Former Chair, AH&LA Technology & E-Business Committee will address the webinar along with academicians Dr. Daniel J. Connolly and Dr. Jungsun Kim. ...
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