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Online Hotel Booking Trends In South East Asia

A comprehensive guide on the market trends in Southeast Asia

Hospitality has gained a reputation as one the most dynamic industries in existence, and it’s no surprise – guest preferences and traveling trends are constantly evolving with advancements in mobile & cloud technology.

Download our white paper to learn about –
  • Growing trends of online hotel bookings in Southeast Asia
  • The role of tourism in fueling economic growth in the region
  • Benefits & challenges created by online bookings for SMEs

Hotelogix had what we were looking for

Updating of bookings, checking the system in any laptop without any extra fee or hardware, creation of new rates and management of different OTAs (mainly, Expedia and Splendia) from one site (SiteMinder).

Iam Jackson- Carolina Medina, Sales Manager, Zerohotel, Valparaiso, Chile