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Powerful & Integrated Hotel Analytics Tool for hotelogix customers

We now provide a comprehensive anaytics dashboard for 1 year at no cost exclusively for our customers

With integration to all facets of your business, you gain detailed insights on your hotel operations

  • Hotel performance:
    The system integrates to Hotelogix to produce performance reports on your hotel’s occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, pick-up, and even help you track rate variations in your competitor set
  • Website performance:
    SnapShot connects to your Google Analytics account to compile reports on important website metrics that track your site’s traffic and conversions
  • Social media channels:
    With connectivity to your social media platforms and your TripAdvisor profile, Snapshot also delivers engagement reports that help track reviews and social media followers
  • Multi-property analytics:
    Snapshot also simplifies group property analytics. Sort and track the performance of multiple hotels in your group in sets, enabling you to quickly view your preferred performance metrics for each property

Snapshot illustrates all this information in multi-dimensional graphs, in one common dashboard! You can also instantly access any metric through an i-frame and share reports internally.

About SnapShot:

SnapShot is a Berlin-based hotel data company that provides organized hotel analytics made specifically for the hospitality industry. The dashboard is incredibly powerful and yet designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Customizable and flexible, SnapShot Analytics is made for hotels of any size, from single hotels to large chains, to make the most of their hotel data.