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A Hotelier’s Guide To Using Facebook Effectively

A comprehensive guide on how to make the most of Facebook

Facebook is the mother of all social media sites – that’s no secret. But merely having a page isn’t going to do anything for your hotel, you need to constantly engage your audience to keep them coming back! In our e-book, we discuss a variety of methods that hoteliers can employ to boost their Facebook reach.

Download our e-book for information on –

  • Identifying your audience and engaging them
  • Implementing Facebook campaigns based on your objective
  • Growing your fanbase and brand building

Hotelogix helps us give a more personal and speedy service

We only operated on one workstation, so busy check-ins were a nightmare. But, with Hotelogix, I can even use my smart phone to express check in clients if my two workstations are busy.

Iam Jackson- Ian Jackson, General Manager, Southcliff Hotel, Kent, UK


Riddhi Maniar

Riddhi Maniar
Content Development & Marketing Specialist