Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

A guide to Revenue Management for Independent Hotels

It’s not about selling more but selling right


Hundreds of blogs, whitepapers and case studies leaving independent hotel owners like you intimidated and confused? Why put yourself through that when a few basic guidelines can help you implement a robust revenue management strategy.

With our ‘A Guide to Revenue Management’ Ebook, you will discover that Revenue management is not about selling more but selling right.

Hotelogix helps us manage remotely and sell more rooms

Hotelogix has given us the ability to organize our pricing, OTA distribution and Front Desk management remotely from Sydney Australia, while our property is in Malang, Indonesia. Hotelogix’s channel manager connect, also enabled us to become market leaders in terms of revenue and number of rooms sold in our area.

Setiyaputra- Mr. Setiyaputra, Business Development Partner, Kertanegara Premium Guest House Malang, Indonesia


Siva Prasad

Kiran Sunny
Content Writer