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Central Reservation System For Hotels

Integrated Distribution System

Drive bookings & manage rates centrally

hotel central reservation system

Single dashboard control
Distribute centrally
Sell more effortlessly

Seamless FrontDesk distribution

Our simple dashboard lets you manage bookings from all sources. It show you up-to-the-minute snapshot of bookings from all sources, be it from Expedia, Amadeus, Sabre, Orbitz, Travelocity, or any of the 800+ booking sites that we connect you to and over 600,000 travel agents on the GDS.

How do I reduce the complexity of managing so many channels?

Hotelogix takes care of this for you seamlessly, so you don't need to. We have channel manager & GDS connect within our Distribution System, which automatically updates room availability across all your channels, along with your Frontdesk. This way your availabilities & rates everywhere stay in sync with each other. Your commissions & terms of bookings once setup in the system, get handled automatically by Hotelogix.

GDS Connect

We connect you to Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan – the biggest hotel booking networks. This means your hotel gets access to nearly 100,000 portals and more than 600,000 travel agents around the world.

Read what our customers are talking!

Hotelogix has been great. It has allowed us to maintain one central store of availability and connect to large travel portals such as Booking.com with minimal data entry time. The HL support has been great and they actually listen to our feedback and suggestions.

hotel distribution channels

Michael Davis Hotel Ramat Niseko, Japan

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Sell more on online channels

Sell on OTA channels like Booking.com, Expedia, Orbitz, Agoda and many more. Increase you room sales. Use centralized rates to maintain rate parity and let Hotelogix maintain all commisiions and terms of sale. Top-up your 'rooms-to-sell' automatically on channels that give you bookings, and generate even more bookings.

Get a personal demo for your distribution needs.
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Do not Block

Sell rooms without the risk of losing revenues due to blocked room-nights. Allocating your inventory will not make it unavailable for you to sell it elsewhere. Hotelogix releases your allocated room instantly, whenever you need to sell.

Hotelogix takes a centralized approach to simplify & maximize your third party bookings. See how it can work for you.
central reservation system software for hotels
How can I choose better performing OTAs?

We provide access to real-time room inventory that lets you assess which booking channels are performing better. This makes it easy for you to identify better-performing channels. Also, our Channel Management interface makes it effortless for you to move room nights to preferred booking channels.

How can I boost my reservation with GDS connect?

You can update your room availability, rates, special packages, and any other hotel information that can help engage potential customers.

You can even sit back and relax and ask our Support Team to do the updates for you!

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