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Get your hotel ahead of the competition with our smartphone app – take decisions quickly and manage your hotel’s core processes even when you’re on the go. Streamline your front desk activities and simplify tasks for your employees with the simplistic, user-friendly interface.

Hotelogix PMS saves significant man hours per day and improves efficiency

“Now I can even use my smart phone to express check in clients if my two workstations are busy, giving a more personal and speedy service. If I’m away from the hotel, I can assist any staff queries from wherever I am, saving myself time and money”

Ian Jackson

Mr. Ian Jackson General Manager, Southcliff Hotel, UK

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As easy as WhatsApp

The app is easy to understand for even tech-novices. This means your hotel is no longer reliant on experienced personnel. If you use WhatsApp, then the PMS In Your Pocket will be a cakewalk for you.

Goodbye to workstations

No more long queues at workstations to check guests in and out of the property. Create new reservations, conduct night audits, and carry out other routine operations from your mobile– without the traditional workstation.

Will my hotel staff be able to operate the Mobile App and use it in synch with our Hotelogix account?

The App has been designed keeping simplicity and ease of use at its core. It intends to equip hoteliers with a powerful, yet simple tool that can be used to manage hotel operations easily. Even if the staff comes with limited tech knowledge, they can ace it in a matter of minutes. The App is almost as easy to use as WhatsApp.

Complex yet clear

Complex processes like changing rack rates, seasonal rates, and any other pricing plan can be carried out through just a few taps. The PMS In Your Pocket also lets you create individual, corporate or travel agent reservations with ease.

Boost your bottom-line

Slash your infrastructure expenses by lowering your investments on conventional workstations – almost everyone carries a smartphone today and the app is available on Android and iOS (coming soon)

Simplified hotel management with our Frontdesk App

The innovative new mobile app will provide Hotelogix users with comprehensive control over all front desk tasks, directly from their smartphone. Download it from the Playstore and start experiencing the benefits of mobile management today.

Say hello to happier guests

Hoteliers now have the added edge of carrying out front desk tasks quicker, consolidate folios swiftly and accept payments from smartphones. That means more free time for staff to look after their guests. In a nutshell,
Higher Simplicity + Fewer Errors = Happier Guests

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Hotelogix PMS Mobile App

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