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For hotels seeking to tap beyond the local travel marketplace, global connectivity is vital. However, this isn“t easy. There are countless number of buyers (such as Travel Agents and Corporates) and sellers (your competitor hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, hostels, etc.) that are a part of the global hospitality niche.

In this competitive and confusing scenario, the GDS network has surfaced as the undisputed answer. Hotels that are plugged into the GDS are ensured of their room nights being distributed across the biggest hotel booking resource. However, the GDS interface can be very challenging for hoteliers. The sheer volume of Travel Agents and competing hotels means that managing your room nights across the global distribution system can be very time consuming.

Hotelogix has solved this issue too. Its uncomplicated interface ensures that your rooms are distributed regionally, nationally and internationally without any issues. Hotelogix connects you to the four, major GDSs:

  1. Amadeus
  2. Sabre
  3. Galileo
  4. Worldspan
Read what our customers are talking!

Real-time unified distribution system was important for us to increase bookings. We were looking for an integration with the powerful interface of GDS [which covers services from Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre and Amadeus] and a channel manager. In this context we found only Hotelogix to be perfect.

gds for hotels system

Mr. Amin Jamal Owner, Regency Grand Suites, Philippines

gds software

Advantages of the Hotelogix GDS Interface:

Hotelogix has created an easy-to-use, fully-integrated 2-way GDS interface where:

  • Rates & Room Availability defined by you gets instantly updated across the global distribution system network.
  • Bookings received through GDS platforms are presented on the Hotelogix Frontdesk.
  • Travel Agents can see your updated rates and room availability, along with information like additional facilities and even property photos.
  • Using the Annual RFP, you can list preferred rates, travel agencies and travel agency consortia such as Amex, ABC Corporate Services, TQ3 Travel Solutions, WorldTravel BTI, etc.
What is GDS?

GDS or the Global Distribution System is also referred to as the Global Electronic System in the Travel & Hospitality sector. It connects buyers, providers and suppliers. Today, the travel marketplace has transformed into a global arena with thousands of buyers (like travel agents and corporates) and providers (like hotels, resorts, airlines, car rental companies) working together and competing to deliver services to the ultimate buyer "The Traveler".

Why is GDS important to hoteliers/property owners like you?

GDS provides instant, real-time access to a hotel’s information. This essentially includes room inventory and the published rates/packages. Nearly every major travel and hotel-booking portal is connected to the GDS. There are nearly 100,000 portals connected to the GDS system with more than 600,000 Travel Agents around the world having access to it. Thus, the GDS is the most dependable medium for ensuring your hotel’s exposure to the online market.

International exposure on the Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan networks provides an invaluable boost to your hotel’s international distribution capability apart from boosting its regional and local presence. Thanks to next-generation seamless connectivity, travel agents can immediately check your hotel’s rates, room availability and valuable traveler information like photos of your hotel’s facilities and its surroundings. Using such information, travel agents can deliver confirmed reservations to you!

How can you start using the Hotelogix GDS Connect?

For you, the GDS connectivity is provided via Hotelogix. You will need to sign a contract with us after which you will be systematically guided towards using the Hotelogix GDS interface. The Hotelogix Support Team will provide you step-by-step assistance.

How do we connect your Hotel to the GDS?

You can update your room availability, rates, special packages and any other hotel information you feel can engage potential customers on Hotelogix. You can personally do this or get in contact with our Support Team that will update the information on your behalf. Room types, rate plans, special offerings, room descriptions and booking/cancellation policies can have a direct impact on the number of reservations your hotel receives. Therefore, a thorough consultation on these aspects with our Support Team is vital for setting-up and implementing your GDS Connect.

How do you control your GDS presence?

Hotelogix provides you an easy-to-use single-window interface through which you can control all your rates and room availability on the GDS network. You are assured of our cooperation where training is provided to help you in getting started and using this interface.

How much does the Hotelogix GDS Connect cost?

You need to pay a one-time Set-Up Fees and a basic, Annual Maintenance Fees. This Maintenance Fees covers our services such as setting-up your hotel on the GDS network and updating information once your hotel is LIVE. We provide a bouquet of other services such as delivering confirmed bookings and managing your rates/packages on the GDS. For each materialized booking, you will be charged a travel agent fee, GDS fee and Booking Charge, i.e. per net reservation. We will bill you for all the matured global distribution system bookings along with the monthly subscription amount.