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Hotel Channel Manager

Update real-time rates and availability on OTAs

Simplify OTA Management
Sell on unlimited channels
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Manage & Maximize Your Presence Across Multiple OTA Channels

The Hotelogix Property Management System provides a fully-integrated, Channel Management Solution. The Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect is versatile, relevant for any size, scale or type of hospitality-industry business.

Read what our customers are talking!

We have seen 200% increase in bookings since we started using Hotelogix integrated Channel Management service because our allotment is now always open for our Online Travel Agents and our guests always find a room for the dates they are looking for.

Gina Mantzioris Manager, Hotel Vanessa, Greece

Why Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect?

Hotelogix offers an easy-to-use, channel management interface that is seamlessly integrated into your Frontdesk. Thus, when your room availability is changed on the Frontdesk, the same gets updated instantly across the OTA Channels you work with—this is possible because of the Hotelogix Integrated Channel Management Service.

What does a 2-way interface mean?

The Hotelogix Hotel Channel Manager has a 2-way mechanism through which you can simultaneously feed your room nights across multiple channels with the assurance that rates/packages are being fed accurately.

Other advantages of using this automated 2-way Channel Manager interface include:

  • Live Rates & Room Availability get communicated across channels.
  • When a reservation is created or canceled on one channel, the room inventory gets automatically updated across all the channels.
  • You don't need to manually capture reservation details as they are automatically saved.

Key Advantages of Hotelogix Hotel Channel Manager Connect:

  • Optimization of room occupancy via a single-window interface without the need to install hardware or understand complex software.
  • Automatic updating of room availability across multiple booking channels.
  • Guarantee of transparency in managing room occupancy & distribution with real-time room reservation status as bookings are instantly visible on Frontdesk.
  • Elimination of losses due to allocation of inconsistent/incorrect room rates.
  • Augmenting credibility among customers and OTAs by ensuring greater parity of rates.
  • Removal of revenue loss due to delayed cancellations.
  • Ease in creating last-minute reservations through specially-discounted rates, i.e. Flash Sales of room nights.
  • Better adaptability to traveler’s booking mentality and market trend—with a few clicks, change room rates across multiple OTAs!
  • Smarter Room Occupancy Management with availability of updated inventory, including one-click Cancellation, Check-Out Lists on the frontdesk.
What is a Channel?

An online booking website, like Expedia, Orbitz,, etc. are all channels, also referred to as CRS (Central Reservation System), OTAs (Online Travel Agents), Hotel Bookers or simply Travel Booking Websites, etc. These are essentially websites that offer online hotel bookings and feature hotels from across the world.

Some OTAs, like, have surfaced as the preferred booking websites while some of the other booking websites might not be as popular but have a significant presence in particular regions/ smaller geographies. Such regional channels can also contribute in raising your hotel-occupancy levels.

Why do you need a Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotels working with channels need to manage availability of their rooms and different rates/packages. This can get very tedious, especially when you are using multiple channels. This becomes particularly difficult during peak travel seasons/periods when there is a greater rush for the limited number of available rooms. Further, you need to ensure that your published rates are competitive and in-sync with the market trend. Manually managing such channels isn't a wise business decision. Read further to understand why.

Typical Manual Channel Management Challenges:
  • Wastage of time & effort in managing different channels.
  • Loss in revenue due to human error. For instance, inability to get immediately-updated room inventory leading to wastage of available room nights.
  • Unnecessary conflicts with travel agents, OTAs, etc.
  • Threat of loss of credibility due to rate disparity.

A Channel Manager Software helps you address all these challenges. You get the advantage of managing all your Rates and Room Inventory from one place! You can distribute your room nights through a single interface, helping you save upon valuable time!

Which OTAs you will be able to manage through Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect?

Hotelogix empowers you to manage prominent OTAs like:

  • HRS
  • SS 2 ways
  • (GHE)
  • LateRooms
  • Agoda
  • Atrapalo
  • Escapio
  • Hotusa XML
  • Orbitz XML
  • Prestigia
  • RatesToGo
  • Splendia
  • TabletHotels
  • Hotels4U
  • EasyToBook
  • HostelsClub
  • HotelsChart
  • TravelEurope
  • Unitravel
  • Bologna Reservation
  • BudgetPlaces
  • CerviaTurismo
  • CesenaticoTurismo
  • Marca Treviso
  • ITWG
  • In Toscana
  • Promhotels Riccione
  • Ravenna Incoming
  • Rimini Reservation
  • Visist Cattolica
  • Visit Emilia Romagna
  • Charming
  • SpaceHotels
  • Visit Trentino
  • TransHotel
  • TravcoSS 2 ways
  • HotelBeds
  • Keytel
  • RoomTrade (Restel)
  • Ultranet (Unister)
  • WHL (Albatravel)
  • Bramante Travel
  • Brillandia
  • Italcamel
  • Massari Travel
  • NeverTooMuch
  • VisitItaly
  • Imperatore Travel
  • AmiTour

Which are the popular Channel Managers that you can connect with through Hotelogix?
  • Siteminder
  • Vertical Booking
  • Busy Rooms
  • HotelRunner
  • MaxiMojo
  • Reznext
  • AxisRooms

Choose Better-Performing OTAs!

Hotelogix provides access to real-time room inventory that lets you assess which booking channels are performing better, i.e. ease of identifying better-performing channels. Hotelogix’s channel management interface makes it effortless to move your room nights to preferred booking channels.

What happens if an OTA you want is not supported?

Hotelogix understands that the OTA marketplace is steadily growing. To ensure that your OTA exposure is maximized, we will try our best to get your preferred OTA listed in the supported Channel Manager. You merely need to email the recommended OTA and we will get back to you on the feasibility of incorporating it through our supported Channel Managers.

How much do you need to pay for the Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect?

To use the Hotelogix Channel Manager, you need to pay a basic, Set-up Fee. Further, you need to provide some basic details, like the number of rooms in your property and the list of channels you wish to connect with. The email carrying these details should be sent to We promise to revert with the most competitive quote for you!

How can you start using the Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect?

When sign-up for the Hotelogix Channel Manager Connect, our Set-up team will configure your property. Setting-up the integration with Channel Manager requires a lot of work, including activation of XML connection for leading OTAs. Thus, we request a period of at least 3 weeks for setting-up the Hotelogix Integrated Channel Management Service.