Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Power your Hotel with Fully-Integrated Hotel Management Software

Apart from basic check-in and check-out functions, the hotel management software must also be fully integrated with features that can help you simplify your hotel operations and win over competition.

Automate your hotel operations:

Every operation in the hotel needs to be smoothly managed and tracked centrally to avoid confusion and errors. Hotelogix cloud-based hotel management software helps you simplify your hotel operations and makes your hotel staff more efficient.

Hotelogix helps you,
  • View all your bookings from a single window which is easily accessible by your day and night shift staff.
  • Set discount and commissions as per the booking source or package, to avoid confusion at the time of folio settlement.
  • Assign tasks to housekeeping staffs and can be tracked for every room.
  • Schedule and communicate guests’ travel requests like pickup and drop to the travel desk.

Expand market reach with online distribution channels

Report says around 57% travellers worldwide choose their staying options via the internet. So it becomes absolutely mandatory to ensure that your property exists across all OTA channels, Tripadvisor and other similar means.

Hotelogix allows you to,
  • Connects your hotel to OTA’s and GDS to drive more bookings.
  • Manage rate and occupancy from a single point with two-way connection with Channel Manager.
  • Integrated with ‘Review Express’ to help you collect and manage reviews.

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Generate additional revenue with POS outlets

While room sales is undoubtedly the main source of revenue for hotels, revenue generated by 'Points of Sale' outlets like restaurants, mini bar, spa, can also have a significant impact on the bottom-line.

Hotelogix hotel POS system allows you to,
  • Open unlimited POS outlets and sync it with your hotel management software
  • Create customized packages like seasonal, holiday and others by clubbing rooms with POS items.
  • Modify deals on the fly as per the demand to attract more guests.

Thus, ensures you generate additional revenue from your hotel.

Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Forecast demand and formulate strategies

Having built-in analytics and reports help in tracking and analyzing your hotel’s current performance, growth and demand. This helps in forecasting business intelligence strategies.

Hotelogix’s revenue management and pricing features powers you with,
  • 100+ insightful reports to help you take informed decisions from anywhere and anytime.
  • Group level analytics to manage and control multiple properties remotely from a central location.
  • Rate intelligence and rate management tool to help you keep an eye on competitors pricing and get pricing suggestions.

Simplify finance and accounts

Hotel management software’s integrated with comprehensive accounting and hotel billing software helps in simplifying your day-to-day billing and transactional worries. Hotelogix streamlines your finance and accounts with a smart accounting software- Xero.

Hotelogix's integration with Xero helps you,
  • Automatically import paid bills into accounts which can also be reconciled with the bank statement directly
  • View real-time cash balances and compare live data to your recent acquisitions costs
  • Match and store sales record with your customer records
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Increase direct booking

It’s not debatable anymore that having a good mix of bookings from all sources is helpful in increasing the yield. But getting commision free direct bookings is an ideal source of booking for every hotelier as it provides more top-line revenue per booking.

Hotelogix provides intuitive web booking engine and facebook booking engine allowing guest to book their stay directly through hotel website and Facebook.

  • Web booking engine  :   Helps in attracting guests thereby making them book directly.
  • Facebook booking  :   Helps in leveraging the power of social media and cutting down booking time and hassle.

Hotelogix powers your hotel with a fully integrated cloud-based solution

  • Easy to use Frontdesk
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Integrated housekeeping module
  • Built-in web booking engine
  • Unlimited POS outlets
  • Real time integration with OTA & GDS

Trusted by Hoteliers in 100+ countries

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What do our customers say?

We are a hotel of 320 rooms and we were using a system where we had to enter everything manually. Hotelogix streamlined our operations with the channel manager and other tools, we used to have 6 people for reservations but now 4 of them are free to work on marketing!

Alan Arrigo, Topaz Malta Hotel  - Alan Arrigo,
  Topaz Malta Hotel

Switching to Hotelogix’s cloud solution was an incredibly easy process and surprisingly quick. We were able to load our entire inventory and set rates within 24 hours. It was just a matter of days that our card processing was set up and ready to go

Mark Shemel  - Mark Shemel,
  Owner, Think Properties, New York & Miami, USA