Even Google Acknowledges Booming Last-Minute Travel Niche: Are you Tapping-in?

For most hoteliers, offering highly-discounted, last-minute rates is a sign of desperation or an indication that they are seriously struggling to maintain appreciable occupancy levels. As a result, the last-minute travel niche has been conventionally neglected. Often referred to as Flash Sales, last-minute sales are seldom interpreted as a mainstream source of revenue.

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Why a smart PMS is at the core of adopting Green Hoteliering?

“2012 is being regarded as the year of the Eco-friendly Traveler. People from the US and Europe are increasingly seeking hotels with an ecologically-conscious sensibility”

Recent surveys have put forth some startling facts which underline that travelers are ready to help a hotel reduce its carbon footprints. Just consider this—majority of

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