Holiday Season Offer: Give Your Hotel a Boost in 2016


We love finding ways to make hoteliers’ lives a little simpler so this winter, we offer you the chance to slash your hotel’s operating costs like never before!

2015 is quickly drawing to a close and it’s been a great year for hospitality, with global tourism numbers continuing to rise. So it’s only fitting that we roll out this fantastic opportunity for all you hoteliers – If your PMS costs are taking up too much room in your annual account statement, you’re going to love this!

Subscribe for our Premium or Enterprise plan and enjoy

50% off every month, for the whole of 2016!

Grab this opportunity to arm your hotel with a powerful PMS that offers multiple benefits –

– Seamless Integration – Get ready to scale at anytime with instant connectivity to a variety of platforms for distribution, revenue management and more

– Cut Your Costs – Training videos and our dedicated account managers will ensure that one of the costliest operations in the industry – staff training – doesn’t inhibit your growth

– Boost Management – Simplify your hotel management by automating operations across a variety of departments including housekeeping, night auditing and reservation management


Offer valid until 30th November 2015

If you’re unfamiliar with using a PMS, we welcome you to register for our 15-day FREE TRIAL and choose a plan before the trial period ends.


Too good to be true?


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  • Amber

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