Green Is In! Is Your Hotel Prepared?

Green Hotel

Hospitality industry is setting a new trend by taking initiatives that are environmental-friendly. Travelers are growing fond of eco-friendly hotels, especially the green-certified ones. There are multiple factors responsible for the surge in eco-friendly hotels such as government regulations, demand from the travelers, belief in saving the environment and respect towards natural surroundings. The three most crucial areas that can be turned into environmental-friendly practices are energy, water and waste. Take a look:

Water is an important provision for hotels to support their basic amenities like pools, gardens and other facilities where water is required.
Did you know?
"Tourist water consumption is up to 440 liters a day per person."
- Encourage guests to use showers while bathing as showers consume less water than bath tubs.
- Instruct your staff not to change the towels and linens daily as this consumes a lot of water and energy.
- Replace old washing machines with both water and energy saving models.
- Encourage guests to separate the used and unused towels and washcloths.
- Probe guests to re-use pool towels and encourage them to take short rinses in the shared shower.
Hotels use energy 24/7 towards high energy intense facilities like restaurants, bars and pools.
Did you know?
"The average energy consumption per night in a mid-sized hotel is approximately 130 MJ."
- Encourage guests to turn off lights,TV, AC and heater when leaving the room.
- Utilize the drapes well during the seasons
- close the drapes to keep the sun's heat out during summer and keep the drapes open to heat the room during winter.
- Preserve energy by using energy-saving LED lights.
- Use room key card system which will automatically control both the HVAC & lighting.
Waste generation is very dangerous and has visible effects on environment.
Did you know?
"A mid-sized hotel produces one kilogram of waste per guest per day and 50-60% of the waste materials can be recycled or reused in a hotel."
- Encourage staff to recycle or minimize waste such as bottles,cans,paper and plastic bags.
- Use bio-degradable cleaning products instead of chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.
- Eliminate unnecessary paperwork like maps and templates.Either upload them on the website or stick it in the guest room.
- Replace the Styrofoam cups and bottles with re-usable coffee mugs and bottles.
- Provide guests with a reusable plastic bag to put their dirty laundry in it.
Help make a difference today
If you adopt eco-friendly initiatives, you can benefit in many ways:
Save Cost: In these recessionary times, going green can make a huge impact in terms of saving costs or competing on price.
Increased Revenues: If your hotel implements the green practices, you are sure to experience high monetary value.
Guest Satisfaction: You will be able to attract a lot of guests to your hotel with the simple idea of conserving the environment.
Tip from the author: Provide educational material to the staff and guests in order to implement the green practices well and if your hotel is already eco-friendly then make sure to get a green certificate.