Good Housekeeping Practices to Make Your Hotel Guests Visit Over and over again

Good Housekeeping Practices to Make Your Hotel Guests Visit Over and over againThe housekeeping department in the hospitality industry is well known for receiving brickbats or bouquets for their services. Housekeeping extends beyond keeping your hotel premises spic and span. If you want your hotel to outshine your competitors or ensure your guests praise your hotel services, then ‘housekeeping’ is the sure shot way to turn around things in your favor.

How to Implement Outstanding Housekeeping Practices?

– Keeping the house in order

The housekeeping department is one of the toughest in the hotel industry. With the highest staff attrition rates, hoteliers need to address staff retention and constantly motivate housekeepers. Leading hotel managers suggest that executive housekeepers be hired on attitude than on talent!

– Keeping-up with Appearances

Gone are the days when the housekeeping department was lackluster. People need to feel good about themselves before making others feel better. Same goes for the housekeeping department which is looking dapper by the day. From well-groomed appearances to prim and proper presentation topped with a bright smile, housekeeping staff is getting metamorphosed by the day. The Ritz Carlton motto, drives home the point- “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”

– Anticipating Customer Needs

Top hotel managements are training employees to assess and identify customers’ needs even before they know it themselves. For example, if a couple is arriving with a toddler in tow, providing a high chair in the hotel room for the child’s use is a polite gesture that would speak volumes.

– Being Part of the Memorable Experience

Neat and tidy is every housekeeper’s vision, but hotel management should make housekeepers an integral part of a guest experience giving them room to reinvent their policies and ideas to provide for guests in an emphatic manner. Such as, if you have hotel guests arriving at the hotel to commemorate an occasion, giving them appropriate gifts or hotel sovereigns acknowledges their hidden desire for a complete experience.

– Getting the Basics Right

The housekeeping department functions as an intermediary between the supplies and service department. From replacing burnt-out light bulbs to providing any time assistance for guests. The housekeeping department works by delving deeply on how to uplift the current standards of housekeeping. The brisk and prompt service also implies taking care of guest’s utilities in their absence. The housekeeping department thrives on trust, yearns on service and runs on motivation!

Housekeeping staff at times feel berated when they do not get due credit for enhancing the guest experience. Keep your housekeepers’ chin-up by applauding their role in the success of the hotel. Motivation drives the functioning of every business, housekeepers need to feel valued to bring more their demanding roles.

Housekeeping is the predominant chink/pride in any hotel’s armor. Capitalize on a well-formulated housekeeping system to help keep your hotel- fresh, pleasant, clean and inviting to have your guests visit over and over again!