Our journey :Hotelogix now in 50 countries

Bring out the champagne, becauseit’s a landmark moment for all of us at Hotelogix, as we celebrate and welcome Finland as being the 50th country to embrace the Hotelogix solutions.

We have evolved from starting off with a small boutique property in Greece, to now providing property management solutions to tourist resorts, serviced apartments and flourishing business hotels across the globe

Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder, Hotelogix explains ‘The unique Try & Buy model of Hotelogix has helped to win customers in 50 countries.  This cloud offering holds the key to changing the landscape of Hospitality business & Distribution. We’ve seen properties of various profiles graduate from pure online management to integrated solutions which we’ve provided to them in a very simplified manner. 50 countries is a milestone for our journey that started with the goal to ‘Hotelogix the world’.

By reaching out to potential customers and enabling them to experience our technology online, we have been able reach out to small and mid-sized properties across the globe.

But what about barriers of linguistics or culture, one may ask? Hotelogix has reduced all these barriers by bringing all these properties under one umbrella.

Sure that’s fine for technologically advanced countries, but what about the rest of the world? Hotelogix has time and again defied the myth that cloud based solutions are only for technologically advanced countries by effortlessly migrating to companies where internet access is limited.

Like any progressive product, there have been many changes in Hotelogix over the years.  What started off as a premium property management software on the cloud, has now evolved to becoming real time distribution and covering 360 degrees operations of a hospitality business which can support multiple properties with multiple currencies, all manageable from multiple geographical locations.

 An elated CEO of Hotelogix, Aditya Sanghi says, “Understanding the various profile of the properties and demography has been an interesting journey of learning even for us. It is not only about the product but also how it sells, how to support, how to train and how to gain their trust in us, as a vendor that is not physically present around them. We at Hotelogix are committed to become a truly global service provider to hospitality businesses.”

2013 is going to be an exciting year for us, 50 countries is just the beginning.  Hotelogix has an aggressive roadmap towards providing a complete unified solution for various channels of distribution. We also are all set to interoperate with numerous other complementary services to give enhanced value and flexibility to its customers. So it definitely wont be long before we announce our next milestone.