Hotelogix Partners With Carbo Trust Trade Consultancy Ltd. in Caribbean to Enhance its Presence in the Region

HMS Infotech, the developers of Hotelogix have entered into a partnership with Carbo Trust Trade Consultancy Ltd. to resell Hotelogix services in the Caribbean region. Hotelogix is rapidly gaining wide popularity for being the best next generation cloud-based system for effective management of mid and small size hospitality businesses. It is well equipped to meet and exceed the requirements of a 5 Star property, yet targeted at the mid and small size resorts and hotels on a SaaS delivery model. Further, it takes care of all sorts of hotel tasks, including streamlining of all internal operations to effectively enable the hotel to achieve higher levels of growth and revenues.


In the opinion of Carbo Trust Trade Consultancy Limited’s MD, Mr. Boudewijn Scholts, they found Hotelogix to be an affordable yet effective and user friendly property management system. The owners of small and mid size properties are most of the time occupied carrying out all minor and major tasks of a maintenance engineer, gardener, housekeeper, bellboy, night auditor, receptionist etc. on their own. With the help of Hotelogix, all types of logistical tasks are easily automated and can be carried out with unbelievable ease. Moreover, the system is multilingual, affordable and therefore suitable for a large number of hospitality businesses in the Caribbean region. Mr. Boudewijn further expresses that people at Hotelogix are thorough professionals and great to work with.

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