Hotelogix Benefits Compared to Traditional Client Server Systems

Hotelogix is an enterprise grade property management solution for effective management of small and mid size hospitality businesses. It being a cloud based solution, there are several benefits it offers in comparison to traditional client server model based systems. Some of these benefits are as follows:
–          Flexible Payment Plans: In case of Hotelogix, you are not required to pay a hefty upfront price to purchase the software. Instead, you can opt from multiple plans of payment. You can either pay per occupied room night, a monthly subscription or a one-time fee.
–          Low back up cost:  Since data is stored on offsite servers, there is no additional expenditure on taking backups.
–          Lower Networking and IT Costs: In Hotelogix, unlike as in traditional client server models, you can completely do away with the cost of setting up an office network connected to an on-site server. This way, you can avoid significant maintenance and installation expenses.
–          Ease of Adaptability: Since getting a new user on board is as easy as buying a new computer and connecting it to a wireless network, there are no additional hardware, software and manpower costs associated with Hotelogix when expanding hotel’s operations or replacing personnel.

–          Flexibility: Since Hotelogix is a cloud based property management system, the user has the flexibility of working from anywhere s/he likes. One could even be sitting in ones bedroom and log on to the software as long as a basic computer and internet connectivity is available.