Nov 2015

Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering November, 2015
Vol.1, No. 39

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A Powerful Combination: Hotelogix and HotelRunner
Looking for a way to maximize revenues from OTAs and manage operations better for your hotel? Our recent partnership with HotelRunner – a channel management and online sales platform will help your property:
  • Connect to ~100 leading OTAs
  • Maintain real-time rate and availability updates across all channels
  • Turn cancellations on one channel into re-selling opportunities on another channel – automatically
  • Streamline all of your operations and utilize reporting capabilities for better business intelligence

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From the Founder: To the Cloud in a Minute
In this blog, Hotelogix Founder Prabhash Bhatnagar describes the simplicity and agility of the Hotelogix solution. He highlights that it takes just one minute to set up a trial account – eliminating complicated processes and allowing you an independent evaluation experience. Not only does the Hotelogix PMS contain all the necessary management features for a hotelier, but it also easily integrates with other service provides to create a fully comprehensive system.

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Other Recent Blogs:
Challenges of Running a Hotel Chain

This blog explores the various operational challenges associated with running a hotel chain as opposed to an independent property and explains how utilizing the right digital tools can help automate and streamline the process - read more here.
How Simplification Can Help Elevate Your Hotel Chain’s Bottom Line

Simplification is key for any hotel chain to ensure that operations are running smoothly at all times and that the chain’s brand promise is upheld. This blog discusses how to simplify key functions such as front desk and reservation management, report compilation, revenue management, and guest information – read more here.
In the news:
Hotelogix Announces Features to Drive Business of Hotel Groups

Read how Hotelogix has expanded its capabilites to include enhanced multi-property features, such as a single sign in feature to manage multiple properties simultaneously. Read More

Hotelogix and HotelRunner Join Hands in Innovative Partnership

In this exciting new partnership, premium Hotelogix customers can integrate with HotelRunner’s channel manager – free of cost.
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Hotelogix Launches Auto-Setup for Hotels

Hotelogix’s latest product release includes an automated set-up feature designed to help small and mid-sized reach the Cloud faster than ever before. Read More

How About Simplifying PMS Evaluation? - Hotel Owner feature

Hotelogix Founder Prabhash Bhatnagar discusses the complicated nature of PMS evaluation for today’s hoteliers and explains how Hotelogix has simplified this process by adding an automated setup configuation wizard. Read More

Technology: The Catalyst in the Guest and Staff Relationship - Hotel Magazine feature

Hotelogix CEO and co-Founder Aditya Sanghi describes how hoteliers can implement a technology mix that allows them to best serve their guests and also maintain a personal connection. Read More

Getting your Hotel Staff to Work for Reviews - eHotelier feature

Read some helpful tips designed to help your hotel’s staff provide the best possible guest experience and increase your chances of receiving positive reviews online. Read More

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